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Robo Bean vs Anato Bean - Obliques Assignment Example. This is the first drawing demo focusing on the obliques. #muscles #art #anatomy

This demo shows how to construct the torso using simple forms and then add the obliques on top. Compare your own work to the drawing demo.

Inventing the Shoulder Muscles | Proko

A drawing demo showing how to invent the shoulder muscles on a skeleton! To get your own Skelly reference images, use the Skelly app available on iOS and Android.

Obliques Assignment 2 – Quicksketch and Invention

How to Draw Videos

A drawing demo showing how to invent the obliques on top of the skeleton and how to sketch the obliques using photo reference.

Proko - How to Draw, Draw Step by Step, Draw People, Draw Face, How to Paint, Learn to Draw, Drawing Tutorials, Figure Drawing

A new exercise for pecs and a new method to trigger chest growth. Add this odd-looking move to your current program.


How to Draw a Nose - Anatomy and Structure, How to Draw a Nose - How to Draw Noses - Step by Step, -tutorial with thanks to proko, How to draw Face

Foundation Figure: Day 17 - facial features

Enjoy a collection of references for Character Design: Eyes Anatomy. The collection contains illustrations, sketches, model sheets and tutorials… This gall


Muscle anatomy - smooth out the lines and elongate the form and you literally have the perfect supermodel leg! Any type of humanoid leg you wish to draw is contained within this image.

How to Draw the Neck - Anatomy for Artists | Proko

Master drawing the neck by understanding its anatomical details in this very magical drawing lesson!

Anonymous said: hey there! I've seen your drawings and do you have any tips on perspective? because when I try to draw some perspective the result is horrendous haha... :) Answer: hay cozin! Your...

Anonymous said: hey there! because when I try to draw some perspective the result is horrendous haha.


Original works: [dry goods] Chun brother manufacturing: human body structure painting prescription series (two)