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AIWcd - Raven's Riddle by LoveLiesBleeding2 on DeviantArt

Costume when meeting Royals- always have to be best dressed and groomed AIWcd - Raven's Riddle by on deviantART

MHcd - Decadence is Bliss by LoveLiesBleeding2 on deviantART

for Beelzebub, heavily influenced by the matrix + + X-men. MHcd - Decadence is Bliss

DCcd - Masked by LoveLiesBleeding2 on deviantART

More for the NaNoWriMo story. This time for the male lead, who wears nothing but black or gray for re.

(closed) Auction Adopt -Male Stud Outfit by CherrysDesigns

(closed) Auction Adopt -Male Stud Outfit by CherrysDesigns

LAZcd - Revenant by LoveLiesBleeding2 on deviantART

For my victorian zombie storything. I had a vivid image of a red dress uniform.

MHcd - Here There be Dragons by LoveLiesBleeding2 on DeviantArt

someone (me) needs to lay off the half-crossdressing man clothes. MHcd - Here There be Dragons

on DeviantART - Artist Note: PLEASE NOTE: I do not allow any use of my designs. For Lilith.because at some point she'll adopt a sliver of badassery, and because I can. The corset thing was fun.