My dad passed away about 8 month ago and I wanted to have a reminder of him. When I was 14 my dad gave me a valentines day card. I was the only card my dad ever gave me and I had saved it. This is the signature at the bottom of the card. I know it is spelled wrong but it's not wrong to me. It wouldn't be the same if I changed it. It's ironic also because both my dad and I were horrible spellers. I miss him but know I have something to remind me everyday how much he loved me.

My dad passed away about 8 month ago and I wanted to have a reminder of him…

25 Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas and Design Lines  - Feel your own Rhythm #HeartbeatTattoo

The heartbeat tattoo is one of the rarest and most adorable tattoo designs. These tattoos take the design of the irregular lines, also called the EKG lines.

this is such a cute tattoo, and I feel like describes me perfectly.

Awesome idea to make a stem into words!--Alice in wonderland tattoo to go with my sunflower tattoo I love how the words are the stem

There are a few different four letter words that are commonly used in the tattoo world as a symbol of inspiration. One of those four letter words is "hope." So what is hope? By definition, hope represents a feeling of expectation and desire for a...

Hope Tattoos And Designs-Hope Tattoo Meanings, Ideas, And Pictures

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My tattoo in honor of my daughter. Date of birth, initial, her favorite color heart.