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artoftheez:End-of-March SketchesJust what I’ve been up to yesterday and today. :) I’m gearing up for writing the next two chapters of Valiard and with that comes a lot of sketching. Need to get the pictures out of my system before I can work on the words. xD

Gangfield will be telling Ruth one of his biggest ever secrets in an upcoming chapter. In Confidence - March 2015

The Dead Cannot Die, Miss - June 2013 by The-Ez on @DeviantArt

from "The Valiard Mansion" - by The-Ez (AKA Ezelle Van Der Heever) on DeviantArt -

Guinevere and Lancelot by Michael Manomivibul [©2012]

(Statue with a sword) Guinevere and Lancelot: Bound together but held apart by duty and oath to their King by Michael Manomivibul [© All Rights Reserved]

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The Lunar Chronicles in the medieval era.... I can just imagine Wolf kissing her and giving her a knife to break out of the ropes. What a pleasant exchange. (That was sarcastic.)

I struggle harshly against my bonds while he just watches with a small, cold smile. I slump in defeat after a while. He bends and lifts my chin. (Open rp be him.