Got a tip from Noel Ramos a. Florida Green Man on how to deal with those pesky squirrels and birds in your fruit orchard. Noel says: I use those clear plastic fruit containers that are used for packing strawberries and grapes.

Propagate Fig Trees: How To and Why - Do FREE fruit trees sound good to you? How about small steps at saving our environment? I'd love to do this with my mom's fig tree!

Germinate apple seeds

Ѽ How To Grow Apple Tree From A Seed ~ wrap seeds in a damp/wet paper towel ~ place in air tight bag, in fridge ~ keep moist ~ Leave for about till sprouts form ~ plant Ѽ

Growing Cucumbers Vertically

Learn how to grow cucumbers vertically to get the most productive plant. Growing cucumbers vertically also save lot of space, which is suitable for small gardens. >>> More info could be found at the image url.

Dissolve 2 uncoated aspirins in water, spray on plants to treat fungal diseases and mildew

How To Build A Vertical Strawberry Planter In Your Backyard brought to you by the Menards Garden Center : menards

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Growing Backyard Figs

Growing your own figs is an easy way to start into home fruit production. Add these simple tips to an easy-to-grow crop and you& setup for success.

How To Grow Your Own Moss

Cómo hacer crecer el musgo sobre árboles o piedras. How to grow your own moss: I have to try this! I will grow moss everywhere. Works well in acidic soil and a crazy yard like ours.

(link) 5 DIY Composting Techniques for Creating Your Own Rich, Organic Fertilizer ~ "basic", "bin", "quick", "trenching" and "worm" are the five composting techniques. ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!