I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE BOWS! When I have children (hopefully a girl) we will dress up in tutus and wear bows in our hair

Bows for hair Loving the top idea, especially since I like to wear my hair up at work! (the french braid thing would be cool - if I knew how to braid)

Love having my hair sewn

8 Low-Bun Hairstyles to Save You on Lazy Mornings

I love this and look is elegant and simple to do

Great visual of how some of the multi-strand braids of the early middle work. Don't think I have the patience but look beautiful!


Do you have a work party to go to this Holiday Season? Wrap yourself up as a gift! The simplistic hair bow works perfectly.


Use a stretchy headband and twist sections of hair and tuck under the band, super easy! Boho messy updo half up headband