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Beautiful!! This is exactly what I want.

To create an intense/lighter and brighter red on dark hair, mix Leyton House Professional with your Couture Rouge

<3 does this remind anyone of princess celestia from MLP FIM, or is it just me? :)

Rainbow hair<<<no im pretty sure thats cotton candy Yes, this is cotton candy hair and it looks sweet

blonde hair with red lowlights

dark brown deep red lowlights in blonde---Summer time. This but flipped deep red lowlights and highlights of blonde!

i would LOVE for my hair to be this red but the up-keep would be traumatizing

RED - been obsessed since middle school or earlier with wanting this color hair. My dad bought me markers that laster longer than sharpies so it stayed on for me =D

Tumblr | Hair

"Awesome light blue with pink leopard print hair!" Um you do realize her hair is blonde and that the blue and leopard print are photoshopped right?