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SHOOT: Clive Owen Films WORDS AND PICTURES in Gastown | yvrshoots

SHOOT: Clive Owen Films WORDS AND PICTURES in Gastown | yvrshoots

Clive Owen because he can shoot them up while he holds a baby, all while looking good!

Clive Owen is my everlasting actor man crush!

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Just Another Day at the Ponies with Clive Owen

A jacket,rumpled white shirt and a little bit of the serious brooding Thing juxtaposed with a pint. Clive Owen is fab.

Clive Owen Staring. | 11 Very Rational Reasons To Get Excited About Clive Owen’s New Show, “The Knick”

Ash Bowie Suede Wedge Sneakers with Canvas Insets

Actor Clive Owen. Born 3 October 1964 Coventry, Warwickshire, England...Can you say 50 AND Fabulous???mmmmmm.

clive owen my favorite actor.

Clive Owen - if I were casting the movie of North of Supposed to Be, this Clive would be Clive Grove ... mysterious, deep-voiced, square featured.

Leonardo Dicaprio - not my favorite guy, but this is a good shot! Look at his eyes! (He looks kind of evil).

Look what appeared on my Pinterest! Clive Owen

Epitome of manly sexy -Clive Owen

Clive. Believes in love. Loves his wife. Loves his daughter. Met his wife playing her lover. He was the Romeo to her Juliet in London.

Gallery of Fame: 'Look at Me!' Art Work

There can be only one "I once told my husband that Clive Owen is a sexy beast. This declaration was not intended to impugn the sexy beasty-ness of the devastatingly handsome Johnny Hallman, but he didn't like it one little.

#Clive Owen - GQ. There was a time it did not occur to  me that Clive Owen is a really good looking bloke.

Clive Owen - GQ Australia oh lala :)

Clive Owen wearing a suit by #GiorgioArmani, shirt and tie by #EmporioArmani

Let Clive Owen Show You How to Dress in Your 50s

Clive Owen wearing a suit by GiorgioArmani, shirt and tie by EmporioArmani

Elizabeth: The Golden Age; Costume Design by Alexandra Byrne

Tudor - Elisabeth the golden age - Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh

clive owen - he should have been James Bond

Top 10 Hot British Actors

I love Clive Owens angry face ;

Clive Owen. yes please.  "I don't want to be in bad films that make alot of money. Not interested"..C.Owen

Clive Owen’s New Role: The Face of Lancome

Clive Owen inspiration for Simon Lamont. "Emotion led to mess, and the Lamonts of Gloucestershire didn’t do mess. It had been bred out of their genetic code shortly after their Norman ancestors conquered England.

Clive Owen. Yes, sit and contemplate you beautiful darling. . . you stare in to space and I'll stare at you, ok?

A thoughtful Clive Owen, star of HBO's much anticipated "The Knick," wearing an equally handsome work of vintage wrist art.

My other British boyfriend...my back up if the current British boyfriend flops :)

One of my favorite actors, Clive Owen :)

Clive Owen | Sin City: A Dame to Kill For | Watch trailer now at miramax.com

Clive Owen- one of the sexiest baritone voices ever