Every single word. So true.

Every single word. <<<I'm a dancer but I like Starbucks. We have one in our dance building.

Dance problems, my left side is a huge problem! lol

Bahaha I'm totally the teacher that makes my dancers do moves and combos to the right and left

There is no room to dance in my bedroom  So I use the ballet studio at night for practice if i can.

dance problems I was practicing kicks. Broke a vase! Mom not happy (I haven't broken anything, but this is soooooo my problem @ the moment

Yeah...just noooo

Little Dance Things When non-dancers think they can tap by stomping their feet around.Insert eye roll the most annoying thing on the dance planet! Oh my gosh so annoying !

I don't care if no one else can do it, i looked great! Lol

It kills a little bit of my heart every time!) having your favorite step taken out of the dance

I like dancing well i love it

I've had so much experience with show makeup. And when shows come around i wear soo much stage makeup i get so tired of doing/wearing it. I like never wear regular makeup

ugh seriously. Dance problems - Click image to find more Other Pinterest pins

Ugh no! All the moms get along fine I hate Dance moms because its so scripted and stupid and its dumb because peoplet think thats all that dance is.

It happens every day

This is SO true. I do Irish Dance and everyone thinks it's easy. Even my friend, a ballet dancer, thinks Irish Dance is easy. What the heck!

All. The. Time.

LOL im part of that but I still do ballet (well aesthetic) because I quit ballet for calisthenics