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One word for Venice: Magical

So beautiful...Looks surreal

A Colorful Sunset 'Venicimo' Canal Sunset, Venice, Italy. I really would love to go back to Venice - just an amazing place to explore

Venice,  I pretty much want to visit all of Europe..well not the places in Hostel... those movies we're creepy!

My Bucket List Item Venice. - Venice, Venice places-i-d-like-to-see

We decided last night to do this. Venice, Italy I have a friend that lives there. Can't wait to see her again.

Love, Venice, Freedom and Imagination

Canals of Venice - been there and more fantastic than I ever imagined. I can say I took a gondola ride, drinking champagne in Venice. Ah, Venice.

Amazing Channels in Venice at Dusk, Vernazza, Italy

Amazing Channels in Venice at Dusk, Vernazza, Italy HoHo Pics

Untitled ☂  ☺  ☻ ☻

Florence, Italy-My favorite place!

Venice. It is truly a magical place. I'll never forget the midnight Gondola ride. It was so special. I truly love this place. I did NOT love the overnight train from Rome (or Florence-can't remember). It was horrible. We made the mistake of getting a sleeping coach with other people. I don't think I slept the whole night. There's something about sleeping in a tiny train compartment with complete strangers that really doesn't lend itself to a peaceful sleep.

Ahh, Venice and if I'm not mistaken, the Rialto Bridge. We walked that bridge, took a Gondola ride around the city, and had the best pizza I've ever had.

Furent nos pas les légers ? Ou Le sol qui se derobait ? nous dansions l'éternelle chanson, l'histoire mille fois répétée, la première et la dernière, à la fin du soir d'été.

Romantic bridge with flowers at Venezia, Italy



One place I would love to visit, would be Venice Italy. Well in general I want to visit Italy, but especially Venice. I want to ride in a gondola, and be serenaded.  I know it is so cheesy, but hey, can't stop a girl from wishing :) I have heard it can be pretty expensive to secure a ride in a gondola though, and if you aren't careful over there some of the gondoliers will rake you over the coals.

Easily one of my favorite places - Venice, Italy.

Vinece Italy

A variety of windows overlook the Grand Canal - Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy by lydia

Venice photo - Venice canal, Italy - Blue Venice - Fine art travel photograph This looks to me like something from a magical pop-up book!

Venice, Italy

Venice,Italy Ordered a glass of wine and when the waiter poured from bottle, I explained I only wanted a glass. He said, "yes, drink one glass at a time." two bottles later. Bed and breakfast curfew was a blessing.

Venice Venice Venice - Click image to find more hot Pinterest pins

Venice Venice Venice, Loved it!

Venice, Italy by Elena Zarubina

Venice, Italy by Elena Zarubina