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The Blackbird aircraft was built by Lockheed Martin and took its first flight in It was retired by NASA in The Blackbird

"Any girl who has flown at all grows used to the prejudice of most men pilots who will trot out any number of reasons why women can't possibly be good pilots. . . . The only way to show the disbelievers, the snickering hangar pilots, is to show them."  - Cornelia Fort, WAFS

Photographer Spotlight: Peter Stackpole

“A pilot of the U. Women’s Air Force Service at Avenger Field, Texas, in by Peter Stackpole (via LIFE) Happy Women's History Month!

Vintage photo of a SR-71 taking off over Beale Air Force Base. Old school.

Vintage photo of a taking off over Beale Air Force Base.I like the or Camaro or Firebird also.



Fascinating photos reveal how they built the SR-71 Blackbird

Fascinating photos reveal how they built the SR-71 Blackbird

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. A museum piece now, but still looking like something from the future.

NASA Blackbird - This is probably the only view all other jets are able to get. It's father was the Avro Arrow ,built,and destroyed in Canada 1957

SR71 Blackbird

wonder if the tires looked like that after each landing?I don’t think they lasted very long (I thought I read they were replaced after every 10 landings, but I could be wrong), but they were pressurized with nitrogen.

P-38F-1, SN #41-7630.  - This is one of six P-38s & two B-17 bombers that were part of the "Lost Squadron" that was forced by weather to land on a remote glacier in Greenland 15/Jul/1942.  It was recovered 50 years later in July 1992 and transported to my hometown of Middlesboro, KY where it was restored.  Ten years and $3+ million later, it flew again on 26/Oct/2002.

Lightning (Glacier Girl) Glacier Girl is a Lockheed Lightning World War II fighter plane that was restored to flying condition after being buried beneath the ice of the remote Greenland Ice Sheet for over 50 years.


Rare photos of the Blackbird ,look closely and you will see a supersonic drone siting on its back ,waiting to be deployed into enemy skies. Where were you in sixty two! Timothy B.

Convair B-58 Hustler

Convair Hustler General Electric Engines with afterburners) pinned for those gorgeous