King Koopa by Nezma

One hell of a storm is brewing in Mushroom Kingdom and King Koopa is not holding back. Kick ass fan art by Natalie Small! King Koopa by Natalie Small / Nezma (deviantART)

Switching Caps In Mario 64 DS by on @deviantART

In Super Mario 64 DS, Mario/Luigi/Wario could wear eachother's caps & turn into whatever character the cap belonged to. Waluigi wasn't playable in t. Switching Caps In Mario 64 DS

Mario vs. Bowser - Tom Pollock Jr.

The battle we've waited to see like this for 20 years, Mario vs Bowser!

...To the finish

This impressive collection of geeky poster art from film and television features vintage-inflected posters inspired by the best characters in history.

A Buggy Situation by on @DeviantArt

Peach wants to whack the bee off of Luigi's nose with a frying pan.but that's not going to go well (compared to Mario's idea of using a newspaper roll. A Buggy Situation

Mario's Authentic Accent by on @DeviantArt

I'm A Winner! Whenever Mario says "winner," it kinda sounds like something else ~wiener ~Mario says "I'm the winner" in "Mario Kart Dou.

I don't care if I'm alone in this argument I will always love the dark characters equally

Funny pictures about Every Nintendo Character Has A Dark Side. Oh, and cool pics about Every Nintendo Character Has A Dark Side. Also, Every Nintendo Character Has A Dark Side photos.

The Year of Luigi need not end with a whimper. Some of you were wondering if I would do my own take on the "Luigi Death Stare" Let's just say that I'm late to the part...

The year is Despite what everyone thought Somehow the best Melee player in the world is a Luigi main The meta game is destroyed forever Sakurai rains blessings from above Smash will reign forever