I had to jump on the min fridge and or my roomie's bed without killing myself every morning

Short People Problems

not just a short people problem.

Yes. And middle schoolers for listen to me even though I'm older than them!!!!

My biggest pet-peeve. Nothing makes me madder than this!


since I'm out of school I don't have this problem but mine is people thinking i'm still in hight school

... then they get rocks and dirt in the rolled up bit :(

Short People Problem When you have to roll up your jeans even though you bought them in a size 'short'.

Yup...all the time....so you sit towards the edge of the seat and its not comfy

Short People Problem - Your feet don't reach the floor when you sit down

I don't lose short friends, my tall friends lose me

Short People Problem Losing you and your short friends in a store since you can't look over the isles and racks

This is so true

Short People Problem Sitting behind a tall person at the movies

they think you want to hear it then expect you to laugh! NO I DONT WANNA HEAR SHORT JOKES OR COMMENTS..how would you like it if i made fun of you for being abnormally tall or big.....might hurt your feelings right???

Short People Problem: Every short joke possible.


Short People Problems haven't done this but I'm guessing

You try to find a sexy pair of heels or a pair of sneakers in a size 2, 3 or 4 without cartoon characters on them! LOL - but seriously. : )

Short People Problem Story of my life.

Short people problem #233

Short people problem #233

Short people problem #227: When people who are already taller than you wear heels making you feel even shorter. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

A lot of people do this to little kids. I'm pretty short but all my friends are about my height so this really doesn't happen to me but funny anyway lol


Short People Problem lose-lose situation - would have posted this under 'that's funny'.

ALL the time...can't complain though, I'm glad I look young lol. Inly problem is when I try to get in a club..security thinks I have a fake ID lolz

"I made a joke and a woman said I wasn't old enough to make the joke and I told her I was 22 and she said "well I was thinking you where about 10 years younger then that." I had to keep that, it was to funny to delete.

Short people problems by humanhumanbeing on We Heart It

So I'm taking a ballroom dance class right now, and there's this dude who is probably a good foot or so taller than me and he has to practically bend down whenever we dance. It's really awkward.

Yeah Man! There should be a law against that!

So annoying. But I do love my tall friends.