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Today feels like an apple crumble day #dessert #applecrumble #apples

Abra-se para a vida! Abra as portas do coração para a vida! A vida vai se abrir para você! A vida abrirá as portas da vida para o seu coração! Abra também as janelas para a vida! Abra a casa para a vida! Abra-se para a vida, que a vida abrirá as portas, as janelas - a casa! - para você! Quando você e a vida são unos, você sente a vida pulsar a cada instante! Leia mais: http://www.armandoakio.blogspot.com.br/2012/11/abra-se-para-vida-abra-as-portas-do.html

<3 silence is golden

Create a Vision Board

— #MindBodySpirit. Brought to you by SunGoddess Magazine: Igniting the Powerful Goddess WIthin http://sungoddessmagazine.com

Just remember there's only one " YOU " so if your life isn't where you want to be and you feel like you're heading down the wrong road...STOP and TURN AROUND. YOU got to make things happen...Don't expect things to be handed to YOU. YOU want it ...go get IT ! The only thing holding YOU back is .... YOU. I hope this sinks into YOU, because I'm proud of YOU !

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Good advice.... Wish I had read it eight months sooner...

You are blessed, keep counting

"what you make of yourself is up to you" I don't know if I 100% agree with this, but it's interesting.

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