I love the people who write imagines like this, but sometimes I just want to kill them for writing such cute things.

Well when they put it like that

Also Perrie said she like Louis. >> lol Zayn tho Niall "I really like the blonde one" Zayn *walks up to Perrie* "YO BABY U PRETTY! U wanna marry me yah?" Perrie "yah Kay I just love Loueh"

Niall Horan Imagine!! You can have a personal, just ask in the little comment box below

I'm a bit hormonal today So I'll be doing some sad imagines. Life is so harrrrrd. So, comment a celeb/name/scenario and I'll be on it

Love Niall

I luv by heartpersonality not by how rich u r or cute but niall is perfect no matter what .I love u Niall forever though u don't know me but I still luv u more then anything ♥♥♥

Of course...

Of course...


kind of.sort of.desperately in love with you" guys.i'm crying. this "imagine" is seriously all i ever think about. WHY CANT THIS BE MY LIFE!