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Handling some #GMB/grownmanbusiness today from the warm Salvatore front yard... Being grateful for so many things-including the artistry of this bad-ass set design that's inside,not out in the cold... Photo Cred:Vampire Diaries Cinematographer turned fearless Director Darren Genet #Padgram

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Ian Somerhalder - 07/08/15 - Wow. At our new @thrivemkt warehouse in LA. Last night I asked everyone to email me and I would pick one of your stories and fill the order for you-Well, I'm filling that order now:) this is so cool! - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

Ian Somerhalder supporting wife Nikki Reed fashion line

Ian Somerhalder - 16/01/14 - What an incredible day in LA- A full spectrum of…

Ian Somerhalder - 11/10/15 - #nycc aka New York Comic con hanging…

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Do you know this guy?Would you let him into your country? Hmmm-that is the…

New ISF hoodies out today. Go purchase one and help Ian's foundation. Ian and Nietzsche not included. 17/7/14