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The Eurasian Eagle Owl is one of the largest species of owl with the larger females having a wing span of just over six feet. It is also an extremely powerful predator able to kill anything from birds to mammals reptiles amphibians and even fish and can often be seen taking down prey that would be far beyond the capacity of most other owls. Via @mtwara99 for #EarthOnLocation. by bbcearth

The olive #python or liasis olivaceus it's #Australia's second-largest snake species with adults growing over 13 ft. With its colour pattern a uniform chocolate brown to olive green sometimes they get confused with the venomous king brown snake Pseudechis australis and killed as a consequence. They eat mammals birds and other reptiles. To hunt they lie and wait next to animal trails to trap their prey. Also they are good swimmers and also hunt in waterholes striking from under the water…

Photo by mattiasklumofficial Ragged peaks reach to the horizon in the Oasi Zegna nature sanctuary in northern Italy. This gorgeous park covers around 100 km2 between Trivero and Valle Cervo in the Biella Alps in Piemonte and has become a haven for many red listed species. Please follow me @mattiasklumofficial to see more images from this Oasis that has become one of my favourite trekking places in Europe now bursting into autumn colors. Globally the existence of large areas of temperate and…

Photo by @TimLaman. Red-crowned Cranes waking up at dawn on the Setsuri River #Hokkaido Japan. People always tell me that photos I took on this particular morning some years ago look like paintings. I guess when people say that about a photo its a compliment.. always trying to elevate the artistic aspects of a photograph. Follow @TimLaman to see more of Hokkaidos Winter Wildlife. Japanese conservationists have done a great job of bringing back Red-crowned Cranes from the brink of…

photo by @joelsartore | A venomous Eastern #green mamba at Reptile Gardens near Rapid City #SouthDakota. Check out my feed for more members of the #PhotoArk! #joelsartore #photooftheday #snake by natgeo

#ottoandvictoria #Halloween #brideofFrankenstein by briankesinger

Quick sketch while waiting for my kids to get out of school. :) #art #sketch #ratherbedressedlikethis #dontwanttoadult #theanimatedlife #characterdesign by theanimatedlife

#EarthCapture by @tegnerphotography. "The Amazon which is 15 times the size of California is at least half of the global tropical forest. Its 300 hundred billion trees store one fifth of all carbon in the Earths biomass. This photograph is taken in the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area in north-eastern Peru." Share your best photos and video with the #EarthCapture community: link in bio by bbcearth