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René François Ghislain Magritte

Pipe and passport of René Magritte and Georgette Magritte-Berger

11 René Magritte Queen Semiramis (La reine Sémiramis)-photo,1947

René Magritte: 130 photos featured in world-first exhibition – in pictures

One of the founders of Belgian surrealism and the father of pop art, René Magritte is known for his irony and conundrums, which are on full display in a new exhibition at Victoria’s Latrobe regional gallery

Rene Magritte - The Mysteries of the Horizon (1955)

‘Le Chef d’oeuvre ou Les Mysteres de l’horizon’ René Margritte

René Magritte - Representation, 1962

The blank signature, 1965 - Rene Magritte

The Fair Captive Rene Magritte

renemagritte-art: “ The Fair Captive 1947 Rene Magritte ”

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Image result for images of rene magritte

History of Art: Rene Magritte

History of Art: Rene Magritte

René Magritte e Georgette Berger

René Magritte and his muse Georgette. They were married for 45 years

10-11-11  Rene Magritte "Advertisment for "Norine", 1925"

Advertisment for "Norine" Artist: Rene Magritte Completion Date: Place of Creation: Brussels, Belgium Style: Art Deco Period: Early years