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Winter Soldier

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Winter soldier

Winter Soldier by Steve Epting << Just saw CA: TWS and loved it. Very well-done portrayal of Bucky. Very emotional.

This comic gives me so many feels...it's a bit hard to follow but so heartbreaking.

(Update: now comes with VERY detailed summary in the comments section) I'm…

TEMARI's ART Rule63 Bucky <-------fem!Bucky

back-to-back captain_america_the_winter_soldier cleavage_cutout dual_persona female genderswap hat james_buchanan_barnes knife marvel mask mechanical_arm military_hat reverse_grip short_hair signature wavy_hair winter_soldier

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Winter Soldier (James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes) is a character in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby as a sidekick character in Captain America Comics in

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Dwarven Bucky

Here is my third and final Stucky Big Bang piece. The armor is based on this character design, while the background is lovingly stolen adapted from Mucha. Art for Winter’s Knight by waffilicious (Fairytale AU) Steve’s life is turned upside-down when,.