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Happy Halloween! Here are the winners from yesterday's giveaway. Googly Moogly @phatjoeink Seedy Cecil @lowresbriz Pomer Pimpson @ninjahen Thanks to everyone that entered especially @endlessmeghan @tamponisher @snakesnbucks @ashliebucks @bromarleon @disney444

Happy October! The pumpkins are coming along. I'm totally feelin' the spirit now! #pumpkin #halloween

Finally made a logo for this pumpkin project I've been working on. I'm calling it the 31 Pumpkins of Halloween! I was a little unsure if that was the best name for it but it is what it is. I cutout 31 pieces of wood with my trusty jigsaw and then painted a unique pumpkin on each one. The reason for this project was to challenge myself to see if I could make it to 31 and also to start with a small idea and turn it into something grander. Which now they're part of an animated/live action…

Lu wants to be a librarian this Halloween

Sketching out designs for some Halloween inspired art. This one features Death and his Kitty.

That one year I was Kenny from South Park and my sister was a hippie. She went all out on her costume and for some reason she kept eating this "special" type of candy with a smily face on it. #halloween #kenny #southpark #sister #hippie #candy #lsd #trippin

First comes the sketches then finding the wood and cutting it out next comes the paint. #pumpkinposse #pumpkins #woodcuts #halloween #halloween2015

Sunday Evening Attire #ledzeppelin #leatherjacket #corduroypants #batashoes