Milla Confession- Childhood mischiefs are usually cute, and almost always forgivable. This interesting concept of connecting childhood confessions and Milk is clever, cute and lets face it, you know you want to read more.

Emporio ~Peppermint

Emporio Tea

Emporio Tea Packaging Designed by Inject Design, Wellington, New Zealand - design, loving the mint and the darker green combo.

Packaging inspiration

Packaging inspiration

Pasta packaging project by swedish design student Erik Johansson. “The assignment was to design a low-price pasta brand. I chose to keep it one color only and printed on unbleached cardboard, to keep costs down.

These are awesome, made out of recycled shower curtain material.

Great packaging and branding concept by a student Mr Freddy Taylor! In his concept Freddy tried to reflect the honesty of an organic brand and product through his choice of innovative packaging and…


Construct studio have designed the packaging for this chocolate bar for THE BERKELEY London (Hotel)

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gorgeous packaging design for chocolates, lovely brand identity design and color palette // Reserves chocolates

Student Spotlight: Levi's Bath and Body - - Package Design... #packaging

Packaging designed by Harshyla Singh, Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Harshyla chose Levi's to extend their product line into bath and body products.