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Mike's just so done... I wonder how.many times the bear has done this.

Too lazy to take the long route.

Wow.... just wow... Chica go back where u were there was nothing to see there.

Freddy: should some one go help foxy? Bonnie: It's better him then us bro.*Chica comes behind them* Chica: YOU'RE NEXT! *Bonnies and Freddy hugging each other and squeal like little girls*

Five Nights at Freddy's by on @DeviantArt

So I had an idea to recreate this a while ago, but got lazy. So recently (last night) I asked some animator friends if they wanted to help wi. Five Nights at Freddy's

I dont ship Foxy and Chica but that was sweet of foxy.I ship Foxy and Mangle.Love you Foxy

One hot meme

Foxy chica and foxy are though a horrible couple I would rather have mangle and foxy

Golly! by theStupidButterfly

by theStupidButterfly

How to defeat Vincent

I would grab that can and if Vicent tells me , " you can't", I will write on the can you can't and say purple guy you rock