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hey look its rye rye99! lol that second to last one was awesome

Night graud, Toy Bonnie and Puppet. Toy Bonnie is sure Lots Of Action 😂😂😂😂😂

Me: *pets the poor child's hair* Hey hey, its okay. Mari: HISSSSS LAY OF MY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: *runs away screaming* Springtrap: *walks over and grabs the child then punches Mari* Come on kiddo... Let's have some pizza and cry over mommy. Kid: ?-? I wish I was truly dead now... Springtrap: *pales* Fuck me.

The Puppet

FNAF 2 Puppet Honestly I believe that the puppet is a good guy trying to save the kids from the purple guy!

I feel like mabey Mike had just a small crush the first week with Jermey (mabey same with Jermey too) but then Mike ends up with doll. (Sorry for my fandom trash)

FNAF Rebornica

Mike jermy and phone guy actualy have good advice, purple guys advice is only…

Fnaf Hijinks by CookieSkoon on DeviantArt

Fnaf Hijinks by CookieSkoon on DeviantArt ANd that's how Bonnie lost his face.

what! ✏️art by rebornica ✏️ that ghost behind mike is (if going on the mike was the one who was bitten in the bite of 87) so the ghost behind him is merely the pain and trauma from that incident in spiritual form that follows mike.

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