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Reblogging Glee Confessions that I agree with.

Reblogging Glee Confessions that I agree with.

Glee Confessions

What about Marley? When I watched the last group number I was so ticked she wasn't there for some reason and I don't even like Marley!

Reblogging confessions that I agree with   #Glee

I love all of the glee episode no matter what any one else says. Everyone else is just jealous that they don't love glee the way us true gleeks do.

5.03 The Quarterback ~ one of the hardest episodes I've sat through in awhile. Saying goodbye to Finn. I cried several times throughout, but really lost it good during Rachel's scene near the end. "He was my person."

Glee TheQuarterback I bet they didn't even have to fake cry I bet the emotions were real

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I don't watch Glee that often, but when i do, Brittany's my fav ^_^

she deserved happiness and i think she got it

Rachel deserved happiness but Jesse was a complete dick head. I absolutely hated him. Did Rachel forget all the awful things he did to her? Rachel deserved some one a whole lot better than him.