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[DAIHATSU COPEN]神威プロデュース ルーフラッピング(ウィザード魔法陣)

[ダイハツ コペン]神威プロデュース ルーフラッピング(ウィザード魔法陣)

[DAIHATSU COPEN]神威プロデュース ルーフラッピング(ウィザード魔法陣)


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Circle power

For one man or one institution to claim that there is only one true way to godhood is an insult to the god they represent, because they have reduced Its omnipotence and omnipresence to the scope of their own minds.

you & I — 【新提醒】Ly特效··· - 【游戏特效…@点烟夜未央采集到ui(99图)_花瓣UI 交互设计

I'll kick this off with all the reference I've collected from various games. It'll be great to see what sorts of reference everyone else has gathered.


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Sacred Geometry <3

Holy Trinity, Four Elements, Days and Correspondences - sacred points and divisions of the Circle.* *Note: May I add that in the esoteric tradition I use myself - the words Earth and Water are.