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It was ME who got in my way, me and the beliefs I had decided were my reality. It was only when I decided to stop getting in my way and shift my perspective that my life started flowing. I now know that success can come easily and gracefully with lots of fun when you do what you love and follow what lights you up.

This vine-covered interior wall is beautiful and indoor plants are healthy - but how can this be done, to get them to grow so lush and even without natural sunlight?

30 ideias de Nail Art para usar no Natal

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When the third eye chakra is balanced we experience high mental ability, we are able to separate between reality and imagination and best combine logic and emotion. We experience overall good health, clear thinking and focus. A healthy third eye chakra will encourage intuition, empathy of others and build trust in oneself.

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5 exercícios muito fáceis que vão ajudar você a eliminar a barriguinha

Sigue estas 5 posturas de yoga para reducir la grasa obstinada del vientre

Diabetes and Oxidative Stress
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Diabetes and Oxidative Stress

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Elderberry, one of the ingredients used to provide our consumers with a strong antioxidant blend, has been used to boost the immune system, treat flu, improve vision, and boost overall respiratory health.

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Exercises to Improve Flexibility and Movement Precision of Your Back & Spine, Part 1

Conditioning the Spine Previously we had a chance to introduce a number of exercises to bring relief to your back and spine and improve your posture. We continue by starting a series of exercises aimed at improving the overall flexibility of your back and spine and increasing movement precision. Anybody who tends to sit a lot will …