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Conheça a história dos controles da Nintendo em menos de 30 segundos

RIPT Apparel Graphic Tees takes a look back at the Evolution of the Nintendo Gaming System’s controller over the past 30 years. (seems more like the evolution of the nintendo object you hold in your hand, considering the gameboy and ds.

Vital Health Benefits of Gaming | Casino Infographics:

Health Benefits of Gaming Revealed {Infographic} - Best Infographics

Infografía: La evolución de los juegos de disparos en primera persona (FPS)

Infografía: La evolución de los juegos de disparos en primera persona (FPS)

Muito interessante esse infográfico sobre a evolução dos controles de games

A evolução dos controles de video game [infográfico]

WiFi and LiFi – A Comparison Study | Infographic by Cabot Technology Solutions http://amzn.to/2pfvyHP

Light Fidelity or LiFi is a revolutionary high speed, bi-directional, fully networked wireless communication technology similar to WiFi. It is touted to be the

some of gaming's biggest rivalries. I'm sorry about the quality, but this is pretty friggin cool. didn't know alot of this stuff

The 7 Best Video Game Vendettas of All Time - IGN. The Animal Crossing one though!


Firesale - How to Make an Explainer Video: Step-by-Step Instructions [INFOGRAPHIC] - digital products resale

The Video Production Process Infographic (Minutes Design)

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