Sailor Jupiter's my waifu and my childhood Crush

Sailor Jupiter's my waifu and my childhood Crush


I love they make my ships real, I saw it on the manga and I was expecting them to do it on animation someday and did actually happen on

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Sailor Scouts

An early anime that first introduced me to the genre. A series of stories about a girl who is the reincarnated moon princess and her friends who's powers come from their planetary namesakes to protect earth from evil.

The artist for every Sailormoon episode and the movies. I always wondered why she was drawn differently almost every episode!

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Nostalgia años 90: los tazos, Twin Peaks, tamagochis, Salvados por la campana... (FOTOS, VÍDEOS)

セーラームーン / 月野うさぎ Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino - anime Sailor Moon R