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Teacher Resignation Letter From Gerald Conti Says His Profession 'No Longer Exists' - very interesting article and thought provoking letter.

Teacher Resignation Letter Says His Profession 'No Longer Exists'

Adult ADHD: 50 Tips of Management.

Easy Tissue Paper Pom Poms- I made these and used as napkin rings for Book Club…

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Easy Tissue Paper Pom Poms diy crafts easy crafts diy ideas diy home easy diy for the home crafty decor home ideas diy decorations by Anna . d i y .,DIY,she b crafty,

La zapatería en Barcelona, Espana. Tienda de zapatos tenía mis zapatos favoritos.

Galería de Tiendas Tamara Brazdys / Plasma Diseño - 2

Indesign Modern Newspaper Magazine Template A3

Indesign Modern Newspaper Magazine Template A3

Indesign Modern Newspaper Magazine Template ABOUT This is version of highly rated newspaper that was also made in version one year ago. A lot of people asked for version, so here it is. Modern look newspaper includes 8 pages in format.

I like how the story takes the shape of letters, and those form another message. I could incorporate this into my magazine by kind of combining a feature story in the small text, but an ASF with the larger letter outlines.

Type notebook

Times New Roman by Pedro Javier Arbelaez. This poster in particular is a favorite of mine. I assume this poster goes through the history of Times New Roman. What's great is that Times New Roman is the only typeface used here.

Clever Newspaper Ad Creates Optical Illusion of a 3D Kitchen - My Modern Metropolis

Clever Newspaper Ad Creates Optical Illusion of a 3D Kitchen

Very innovative Corona Kitchen Newspaper Ad by Felipe Salazar. At the first look a typical classifieds page of a newspaper. But it's much more like that.

amazing typography. lovely invitation! /// designed by Drew Melton | yourjustlucky.com

Wedding Invite

A sweet newspaper style wedding invitation with vintage style typography and black and white photography. Designed by Drew Melton. Via: Dribbble

REVIEW: YETI Panga 50 Submersible Pack  Ever had a need for your suitcase to be waterproof? Ever needed to store camera equipment on a boat or raft? I have unfortunately needed both of those things which made the YETI Panga an intriguing accessory for outdoor adventures.  Ive killed a few cameras in kayaks and rafts over the years which isnt cheap. YETI took the common dry bag turned the design dial up to 11 tore off the knob and introduced the world to the YETI Panga.  Being a skeptic by…

A submersible, super durable go anywhere, throw anywhere bag from YETI? Today the YETI Panga 50 goes under the microscope and maybe a pile of bricks.

I interned at the St. Paul Pi last year, though I didn't get to design anything. This is a heckuva front page.

A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 58 ; History of Layout Design and Modern Newspaper & Magazins

Little miss Anna, TX said "My teacher asked us to make a creative representation of what true freedom means to us. This counted for a huge part of our final grade in the class. So, after some prayer, bible reading, a lot of help from jw.org  Holy Spirit I was able to design a newspaper article taking place in the new world. I was concerned about what my teacher would say because he is very patriotic, but I ended up making an A+. Thanks to Jehovah.

Make a front page of a newspaper with articles talking about what its like, etc!