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13 Bold, Beautiful and Progressive Modern Watches

Check out these dramatic new watches, courtesy of the house of Diesel. When not displaying the current time, the mirrored surface of the display makes the.

I'm one of the few people left who wear a watch. It's one of the only acceptable forms of jewelry for men. Plus, they look good. These are no exception. Want.

Aurora Watch by ZIIIRO

Aurora Watch by Ziiro

Diesel DSL Green

Browse our extensive range of men's & ladies luxury Swiss watches.

DZ4254 - Authorized DIESEL watch dealer - Mens DIESEL Diesel Franchise 51, DIESEL watch, DIESEL watches

DIESEL® 'Franchise' Large Chronograph Watch, available at Nordstrom

Diesel Black Label Timepiece Displays 4 Time Zones #watches trendhunter.com

Faceless Watches

Faceless Watches - Diesel has just released a new watch to their Black Label line. It’s a faceless timepiece that displays four time zones. How can a faceless.

The Circular Array LED Watch

In place of the hands on a analog watch, white LEDs mark the passage of each hour and the 12 five-minute increments in each hour. The smaller blue LEDs indicate the minutes in between each five-minute span of time. The band is stainless steel.

Diesel DZ7312 Mr. Daddy - Free Worlwide Shipping from Watchismo

A Diesel Watch might be the classic, staple accessories for a man’s wardrobe, but it is anything but typical.


Diesel Men’s Not So Basic Basic Black Watch. Stainless steel with silicone straps.

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WatchMann.com: Schaumburg Watches

WatchMann.com: Schaumburg Watches

Black summer watch

Black summer watch

Radiation Level LED Watch Concept: Post-Apocalyptic Timepiece

For the simple fact that it's neither radioactive nor can it actually measure radiation like a Geiger counter.

Subway LCD watch maps the route for reading the time.

Sentio –Matthew Wagerfield    a timekeeping device for the blind and partially sighted. The Sentio uses a tactile display, whereby each segment rises 1mm above the watch face. This enables blind users to read the time by touching the face as in the case of Braille watches.

Technology for The Blind and The Visually Impaired : Sentio Digital Tactile Watch

Sand+Time Watch

分かりやすいのかな? 砂時計なデジタル腕時計

Pavel Balykin’s Sand + Time Digital Wrist Watch Hour Glass Screen Saver

Tokyoflash Futuristic Watches Design

Tokyoflash Gridlock Concept Watch: a Timepiece that Personifies Sophistication is a new conceptual design from the fashionable watch company.