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Single stroke by Paolo Čerić

Single stroke by Paolo Čerić

Croatian artist Paolo Čerić creates amazing artworks using only a single pen stroke. His mind-blowing artworks all feature a 'spiral'.

Stunning Line Art by Paolo Ceric More artworks by Paolo Ceric on WE AND THE COLOR.

Drawings Made of a Single Line The Croatian graphic artist Paolo Ceric created the images of a single spiral line. The effect works similarly to a printing process. The line spacing is larger in bright areas, while the lines are closer in dark areas.

insane and amazing :)

"Tree of Life", a beautiful print created by by Gary, Aaron & Khairul of Degree, featuring animals as the rings of a tree. The lives of animals revolve around their living space, the rainforest.

by john batho

John Batho, photo from his Present and Absent series of black and white pieces (Présents et Absents, c.

James Nares, STOP, 2008

LOVE this color. Emerald green accent wall for living room? Goes with grey, beige and greige, Aldo pairs beautifully with white and rose gold.

glitch art

I love the way this sort of speaks to the blurring lines between elements of the composition (such as blurred lines between formal and informal, public and private spaces)


Saul Steinberg

Untitled (dancing cheek to cheek) by Romanian-born American cartoonist & illustrator Saul Steinberg