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Animals with their babies

Animals with their young…

Animals with their babies. The koala is totally like "Mom. Mom you're squishing me!


"Bitch I'm Fabulous!" sometimes well we need a Pom to tell us how fab we are!

Melanism VS Albinism

Melanism VS Albinism

Funny pictures about Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom. Also, Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom photos.


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Charlie's sorted xxx Bunny Bunnie

Bunnies are silent wonders of cuteness. Pets flower crown wedding spring rose doll hair by lalapinhandmade

A bunny that looks like a cross between a muppet and Einstein! I must have it! Wait- No! I NEED it!

this is the most precious lions head rabbit I have ever seen. My new favorite rabbit!

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BJ is a Lionhead rabbit , is he handsome or what?

A "Lionhead." Looks like a chinchilla crossed with a persian cat.