Fotografia: Linhas

"♥ Dancing Simone by Sally Jaeggin" - fun with light in black n white ~:^)>

dance les-jambes-des-femmes-sont-comme-des-compas-qui-ar

Love the light and shadow dance in this photo. ~Ballet Youth, Rio de Janeiro, 1947 by Thomaz Farkas~

My Favorite Photo - Illuminate - by pretty amazing black & white

♂ Black and white light ray in dark "Sheykh Lotf Allah Mosque" by safa pirshiri

Stairs at Liljeholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stairs at Liljeholmen in Stockholm, Sweden This photograph is so simple in its composition but creates a very interesting piece. The simple use of black and white creates almost a silhouette of the stairs and those walking up or down it.

The focal point of this picture is accentuate by the light through the window; i can appreciate the movement and rhythm

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy & dramatic black and white photography - Pied Sur La Barre by Karo Cottier

A beautifully simple tool to create moodboards. Niice

The ray of light peeking through the crack creates a blinding effect on the subject. The light is so bright that it blinds her vision, covering her eyes in the photo. The black and white filter makes the ray of light even more bright.