Rma 11 Yoga Studio 028

Rma 11 Yoga Studio 028

Six of the most beautiful yoga studios in Australia: Tucked away in inner-city Melbourne, Happy Melon is the urban yoga space you've dreamed about.


Jungle Fever For Beyond Blue

In celebration of Spring, Yoga 213 have turned their studio into jungle paradise and all for a good cause!


By Sarah and Mason Levey, Founders Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of movement, so it’s not often that something in the yoga…

goCstudio creates relaxed, naturalistic ritual house yoga studio

goCstudio creates naturalistic ritual house yoga studio

#yogastudios http://www.yoga-teacher-training.org/2005/12/03/secrets_of_successful_yoga_studios/

My yoga novel "Ashram" draws on ancient wisdom and practice. Tassajara Zen Center Yoga Studio at dusk



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individual in style, bound by a common philosophy: to provide outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own.


Dream gym Equinox now open in downtown Vancouver

Inside the swanky new Equinox Vancouver gym (PHOTOS)

Designed by leading architects and interiors designers, these yoga studios are *almost* too beautiful to sweat in.

9 yoga studios that achieve design nirvana

Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote, founded by respected Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison (that’s Kirra’s pup Lulu too!