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Minganji costumes are found throughout the Pende areas of southwest D. Included in the publication "Let's travel in the Congo" - published in 1965


Phyllis Galembo Creek Town Youth Group Ekpo Masquerade, Calabar, Nigeria, 2005 Ilfochrome, 30 x 30 inches

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Comm Art Jozef Mrva (Prague, Czech Republic) - Animal Masks From Cardboard For Some Freak-Out

Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6b/2c/eb/6b2ceb06b3f859c286edafd83fd15818.jpg.

Africa, Senufo Wambele Funeral Mask in Ivory Coast by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Caretos de Ousilhao, Tras os Montes, Portugal

Another Careto de Ousilhao, Tras os Montes, Portugal. By Carlos González Ximénez. Love the coat and the wooden mask with the incredible teeth.

Modeconnect.com - Igbo Masquerade

'Okorosie' masquerade, masks called 'Nwanyioma' and 'Akatakpuru' - Isuama Ibo, Isu tribe - Ibo Masquerades - Nigeria - Δ Dr.

Only in Africa

A man in costume prepares to perform the part of the old man in an African initiation ceremony, border between Angola and Zambia.

Kifwebe Mask, Luba Culture, from Democratic Republic of Congo (wood)

African School - Kifwebe Mask, Luba Culture, from Democratic Republic of Congo - Fine Art Reproduction

among the Akan peoples of Ghana, “fetish men” wore robes and hats loaded with powerful charms and medicines.

African Medicine man carrying his pharmacy on his head, Gold Coast, 1899

Africa | Yaie Masquerade, Burkina Faso | Photographer unknown

Leaf Costume for purification rites and spirit of Do # (via anthrolology)