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I will name him Poncho!

The Rare, Highly Endangered Ocelot Cat, Beautiful, Big, Spotted Wild Cat Photograph brought to you by HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines (breeder of exotic Bengal Cats).

oh god,how beautiful

This is Snowheart. She is beautiful white Bengal cat and the sister of Redstar. She Enveys her sister at times but would never hurt her. She wants a mate badly.

bengal cat, I used to have a cat named Athena, that looked just like this.. :(


bengal cat, I used to have a cat named Athena, that looked just like this.


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Oh, how magnificent!

[SNOW BENGAL] ------------------------ **"Me always tellz me prey notz to run. Me nevers liked fast food.

Chatterie Maeva Bengal

This is the most beautiful cat that walks this earth- Bengal Cats, Im in love with them!

"Bengal" photographed by Josh Norem. This is Lexi, part Bengal Tiger and part housecat.  I AM A NEW FAN of Mr. Norem's work! by kenya

Average Size and Weight of Bengal Cat Click the picture to read What a beautiful cat!

Chat du Bengale

No home is complete without a Bengal. I love mine They are a lot of work and require constant attention but are extremely affectionate and intelligent. Kind of like a toddler/monkey wrapped up in one!

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This six-week old Bengal kitten weighs lbs. and is 10 generations from the non-domestic source cat. Originally developed from crosses between the domestic cats and the Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal

ᕈųяяʄᏋᏣɬ Ꮭ♡ⱴɛ (Bengal cat by Andreas Krappweis)

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* * " Yas, me seen de sun dis mornin' - it peeked its head overs de horizon likes a silver, radioactive Bengal wif-out ears.