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Aqua - Barbie Girl

Oh Aqua, you have created a life long inside joke!

If You Were Born in the 90s

still my favorite thing ever. though I was born in the so i guess this spans the ages?// should say born in the Ahhh loved the parachute!

333 Reasons Being a 90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

Lip Smackers

Tamagotchi 90's toy

i seriously want one again to make up for when i was a careless kid :P

OMG I loved her

Rollerblade Skipper I had her she didn't last long on the market since the used flints like in lighters to make her roller blades spark lol the things that we thought were safe lol!

90s KidI'll admit, Lizzie Mcguire was one of my fav shows off the 90s

Does anyone else remember Zoog Disney? better than the crap that's on Disney now!

36 Facts That Will Blow '90s Girls' Minds - Sky Dancers were recalled in 2000 for reportedly causing over 150 injuries which included scratched corneas, temporary blindness, concussions, and broken ribs.

36 Facts That '90s Girls Won't Believe

23 Things That Are Basically Porn To Kids: The feeling of launching a Sky Dancer to slay the entire fuckin sky.

Past: At age 10, I was obsessed with rollerblading. It was tailored for the Kinesthete in me, which was underdeveloped at this point in my life. After eventually building up my balance, I found others to join me in laps around the block. I think the joker in me got the most out of this activity, once this social aspect was introduced. This was my most apparently purposeless form of play apart from burning a few calories. I felt inherently drawn to this activity even without the inherent…

Rollerblades were so cool in the We'd spend hours rollerblading at the church!

AKA fidget spinners for office workers.

23 Desk Toys Under $10 That Will Make Work So Much More Fun

I've had one of these at the base of my work computer for years. They make the day fun, such a better stress ball.