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quem não quer um desses?

Keep screwing up Mugs

HR Manager. @leslieriederer @bradforddiane you guys need this :)

Love it, silent targeting because of malignant jealousy is a hallmark of narcissism. They are the ultimate "haters". MF♤

Deal with this self-inking stamper

Deal With This Self-inking Stamp

I have someone who does this to me. I've just about had enough. Just because a person doesn't win a debate doesn't mean that they are wrong. It often means the other person is just more skilled in debate. And usually very arrogant, thinking its just a game. What a way to live.

"Deal with This" self inking stamp - made on the spot! no ordering, waiting, shipping costs etc!


REALLY!? Office Stamp-For Stupid, Ridiculous and Annoying Paperwork or People by TheGag,


Accountant Mug

It's funny if you're an accountant