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I really really should start watching Supernatural. Dean Winchester makes my heart giggle and he isn't even British! Does his nationality matter.

awkward Ravenclaw over here

[gifset] Jensen seems confused dunno if he knows whats all about lol. I think Jensen is a Gryffindor and Dean is Slytherin and lets not forget not all Slytherins are bad they are tough, sharp and strong. Snape was a slytherin and he wasnt evil

It's just bees..

[gifset] Jensen, Mark and the bees :) Season 9 gag reel. This war my favorite part of the gag reel

[gifset] 10x18 Book Of The Damned #SPN #Dean

Reminds me a little of that scene in the avengers when Bruce is talking about not being able to die<--that was my heart you just broke


Jensen Ackles, Dean, Supernatural<-- it's such a nice smile, till you realize this is when Dean is forcing a smile and then that straight, pained face returns.