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Snow drawings (walking)

Snow Drawings

Check out this enormous snow drawing created by landscape artist Sonja Hinrichsen. Hinrichsen and a team of 5 volunteers tracked a series of circles into the snow at Rabbit Ears pass in Steamboat, Colorado.


That’s snow small undertaking Simon Beck is an artist… of a different sort. He finds huge areas of newly fallen, untrodden snow, and trods on it. But he doesn’t just run willy-nilly or make snow angels. He makes geometric art:

Les dessins sur la poudreuse de la station "Les Arcs" en Savoie, France de Simon Beck, artiste anglais...

Crop circles, Alpine style: Artist creates incredible impression with his giant patterns in the snow

Drawing by Jessica Stride

Drawing by Jessica Stride

Snow art by Simon Beck

Simon Beck is the creator of these awesome snow patterns. What he has done is walking for days on snow in his snowshoes (raquettes) along the frozen lake of Savoie in France.

andy goldsworthy art - Google Search

Step by step this massive snow drawing was trampled into freshly fallen snow by artist Sonja Hinrichsen with the help of 5 volunteers last month at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado.- AKA proud to have steamboat as my home


Snow Art, Large Scale Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen

Snow Art Made With Snowshoes Here is the original Sony Hinrihsen winter project – Amazing pictures in the snow, made with conventional snowshoes. We can say, the winter version of crop circles. have a look, again a large scale art.


Artist Sonja Hinrichsen teamed up with 5 volunteers to create an outdoor art installation entitled “Snow Drawings.

Make some art in your yard, today! :)

Ecological art is the unique expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, producing artworks made with natural materials and showing the appreciation of natural beauty

Incredible Trampled Snow Art by Simon Beck | Bored Panda

Incredible Trampled Snow Art by Simon Beck

The snowshoe artist starts by drawing the design on paper. (Photo by Simon Beck)

Snow design with steps. (Google)

Man Walks All Day to Create Spectacular Snow Patterns, Simon Beck, art, snow art

Pareja de nieve - snow art

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Andres Amador is an amazing American artist who uses the earth as his canvas. His amazing sand paintings have graced beaches around the world