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One Of The Best Halo Modded Xbox 360s This is awesome!!!

One Of The Best Halo Modded Xbox 360s!

ARBITER. No idea if or how he moves in that thing, but it's awesome!

Best. Costume. Design. Ever.

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Mgs Pocky

Happy Pocky Day, r/metalgearsolid! Let's celebrate like they do on Mother Base!

This joke is me basically taking a funny line from the Avengers movie and applying it to the DBZ movie "Battle of Gods". I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Lol.

Am I soooo bad of a person to think that when Beerus killed Cap, I snickered. I find ot weird because I am also a Marvel fan.

One of my favorite quotes.

Halo I feel one of the arbiter's lines would've fit better, but this is still awesome funny moments funny moments metal piano drunk photos fat people