Once upon a december by *mandiemanzano on deviantART

Once upon a december

Once upon a December - Anastasia by Mandie Manzano. I know she is not Disney but i love her as much as the Disney princesses

Romanavs of Imperial Russia

Romanov Family Portrait from the FOX film "Anastasia". So historically inaccurate, yet so beautiful.

Phantom and the Opera "Think of Me" stained glass  By Mandie Manzano

When you thought stained glass art was too boring.[Think of Me by mandiemanzano] on deviantART

So true!! I ship them to the moon!!♡♡

Am I obsessed with WildeHopps? lol XD >>>> Pin wasn't made by me, but I (Noctus Fury) edited the last comment on it to a more .

Once Upon A December by Abe Mitsuteru [©2013]

Sense Antastia is now a diseny princess i thought might as well show you what the princess looks like

Elsa as Anna<<<Omg I love it :D<< it just doesn't look right cause she's so sophisticated and Anna is such a clumsy klutz lol but I like it

Elsa as Anna but Elsa is awesome just being her not her sister. They are completely different. ******** For some reason elsa looks so revealing


How to Train Your Dragon meets Brave :) Whoa. Can't say I ship it, but I do like this ;

Once Upon a December, from Anastasia

Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm. Figures dancing gracefully, across my memory

CAST: Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lloyd, Hank Azaria, Bernadette Peters, Kirsten Dunst; DIRECTED BY: Gary Goldman, Don Bluth; PRODUCER: 20th Century-Fox; Featur

Anastasia 27x40 Movie Poster (1997)