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Word of the Day Scene \ˈsēn\ noun Definition: a division of an act in a play during which the action takes place in a single place without a break in time Etymology: 1540 "subdivision of an act of a play" also "stage-setting" from M.Fr. scène (14c.) from L. scæna scena "scene stage" from Gk. skene "scene stage" originally "tent or booth" related to skia "shadow shade" via notion of "something that gives shade" from PIE base ska(i)- "to shine flicker glimmer" (cf. Skt. chaya "brilliance…

OMGosh a swing in the barn, how fun

A straw-filled barn makes a great place for young and old to play inside Charlotte Shivvers Fair Acres Farm. Mary Chind/The Register I love the smell of straw in a barn.

AD Classics: Caja Granada Savings Bank / Alberto Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza - Impluvium of light - Caja Granada savings bank in Granada, Spain, 2001 - A large cube is built on top of a podium flanked by two courtyards.

Word of the Day Move \ˈmüv\ Definition: to cause (something or someone) to go from one place or position to another Etymology: late 13c. from Anglo-Fr. movir (O.Fr. moveir) from L. movere "move set in motion" (pp. motus freq. motare) from PIE base meue- (cf. Skt. kama-muta "moved by love" and probably mivati "pushes moves;" Lith. mauti "push on;" Gk. ameusasthai "to surpass" amyno "push away"). Meaning "to affect with emotion" is from c.1300; that of "to prompt or impel toward some…

The Attention-Sucking Power of Digital Technology Displayed Through Photography by Antoine Gregor I love these picture because they are a true representation of what our society looks like now a days.

7 Questions: Frank Machalowski On 'Monsters,' His Eerie Long Exposure Photos of Crowds

Royal Albert Hall and Memorial, London

The Albert, Victoria Street, London, England. If I ever come back in London I will definitely visit Victoria Street.