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today is my weekend! yay! i've been working on responding to the emails, texts, dm's, and voicemails piling up on my phone, so if i haven't gotten to you yet, I WILL. I WILL. SERIOUSLY. having a blast fitting the entire passage of Psalm 23 onto this 2x2 pane. thank all good things for this chalk marker letting me get my vision onto glass in a very easy-to-remove fashion before the paint pens come out to play. happy monday!! #wip #wipitgood

Alisa Burke: Water resistant pens are great to use if you are working with wet media- like watercolors- because they don't bleed when you paint over them. 1. micron pens 2. sharpie pens 3. ball point pens

update: still wearing a huge tie-dyed dress while writing on windows. ✌ lots of wedding gifts coming through here this week. awwww pens used: marvy uchida bistro chalk marker for "sketching" and sharpie oil based paint pen for final design

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The Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering

Feeling a little intimidated by dip pen calligraphy? Or maybe your just want to try something new? Learn how to create beautiful brush lettering.

when you feel it, you feel it. and i felt it today. another big whitman gracing the glass of another big window. sometimes i think about what used to be the view out of these windows and all the eyes that looked through them and i feel like there is no better quote for these pieces.

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Lettered Vase Centerpiece DIY

Wedding Centerpiece - add frosted glass spray paint to our glass bottles or vases to recreate this idea! Trace words with a pencil and use an acrylic white paint pen to add the calligraphy. Great idea to use a variety of song lyrics or lovely quotes - then display them in your home after the wedding!!

Material menus taking up my whole floor! As a side note, if anyone knows where to get a good selections of paint markers Id be ever so grateful - doing this with a tiny brush took a VERY long time

Sharpie Mug - draw on a mug with a sharpie marker, bake for 30 minutes in a 425F oven, then leave in there overnight so the design won't watch off.

First go at this illustration for a sweet bride getting married by the sea. We love these little books we feature in the shoppe and are so thrilled to see them go to such wonderful homes! Final shell comin' atcha @meghankaysadler ! #shellbook #signoraemare #shoppesignora #handmade #handmadepaper #odelae

Laura Hooper on Instagram: “@bttrcrmbakeshop macs will never go out of style for me! And these little escorts pair perfectly on my @cb2 tray, right? {tip: you can find a variety of edible markers on @amazon that work great for your #lettering projects!} #weddingwork #handlettering #edibleart #macaron”