Reiki;     energía quantica,     medicinas divina q emana de la Fuente de Vida Eterna

Based on the Reiki symbol of power it represents the power of a loving heart. Created for White Spirit Tantra - whitespirittantra.

zibu symbols | zibu beauty symbol

Prosperity - "Ana" (ah'-nah) - Associated Gemstone: Peridot -August gemstone. Prosperity begins within. It has to do with acknowledging the Beauty within. It opens the doors for good to arrive in its fullness.

Zibu The Power of Angelic Symbology

Go here to find the REAL meaning of each symbol. So many people making up multiple explanations for what each symbol means. Zibu Language of Symbols from the Angels Book.

Friendship symbol

The Zibu symbol forfriendship. Zibu symbols are a graceful fluid symbols used to connect with the love, inspiration and healing energy of the Angels. It is what I like to call "heavenly shorthand.

SHANTI  Can be used to manifest the best possible results. Releases fears and nightmares and soothes the aura, creating a feeling of peace. Heals the past , creates harmony in the present and releases the future.

Shanti means "peace." Shanti helps heal the past and make way for the present. We can use Shanti to send peace to the past, free our attachments and heal. It releases fear, anger, hurt while soothing our auras.

West African symbol for Perseverance

I have been asked many times what the meaning of the 'fern thing' is.