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RABENAU, Friedrich von (*10/10/1884†14/04/1945)

Brasil na Segunda Guerra Mundial - O Comando das Forças Aliadas na Itália examina as operações conduzidas pela FEB (Arquivo do Exército Brasileiro).

General Augusto Heleno, De integridade jamais questionada, ele tem um currículo para poucos. É “tríplice coroado”: foi primeiro lugar nas exigentes Academia das Agulhas Negras, Escola de Aperfeiçoamento de Oficiais e Escola de Comando e Estado-Maior no Exército. E comandou a Minustah, missão militar da ONU no Haiti.

THE DESERT FOX Field Marshal Erwin Rommel standing beside members of his Afrika Korps, N. Africa. Date taken: 1942.

A Marshal of the Soviet Union, a Marshal of Poland and Poland's Defence Minister Konstantin Konstantinovitch Rokossovsky (1896-1968). He was one of the key top commanders during WWW2. During the Battle of Stalingrad Rokossovsky, commanding the Don Front, led the northern wing of the Soviet counter-attack that encircled Paulus' Sixth Army and won the decisive victory of the Soviet-German war. During the final phase, Rokossovsky's troops linked with the British while Berlin fell to the…

General of Panzer Troops Hasso von Manteuffel was one of the most strategically gifted German general officers during WW2.As a colonel on the Eastern Front he led his men within 50 miles of Moscow. He also fought in North Africa and during the Ardennes Offensive.In March 1945, commanding the 3rd Panzer Army,he succeeded in reaching the British lines and saved 300,000 soldiers from Soviet captivity.Postwar, he was involved in politics and visited the US as an official guest of the USG (died…

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-2008-0915-500, Alexander Löhr.jpg

Luftwaffe General der Flieger Werner Kreipe - III./Kampfgeschwader 2

Colonel General Ernst Udet

Generaloberst Bruno LOERZER (22 January 1891 – 23 August 1960) awarded Pour le Mérite on 12 February 1918. Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 29 May 1940 as Generalleutnant and commanding general of the II. Fliegerkorps