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Apos2 / Apostrophy’s

In order to fulfill the need for additional work space for their increasing number of office members, Bangkok-based design firm Apostrophy’s has recently extended and refurbished their Thailand office.

ANZ Centre Melbourne EGD by Fabio Ongarato Design: wayfinding/signage

Inspiration: Offices Clad In Purple, The Color of Royalty inspiring office design anz melbourne canteen breakout Inspiring Office Design T.

mẫu bàn và ghế phòng họp 1/2 bàn di động, ghế cố định không xoay

Office designs where workstyle meets lifestyle by M Moser Associates design office ideas design

A wall filled with plants and flooring that looks like an outdoor patio creates a tranquil mood in the office.

Office Tour: Centro Offices – Chicago