Wolf Voice  by RIEL BENN .✔zϮThis painting is based on the sioux warrior called “Wolf Voice”. I try to keep the images as they are but in this piece I added the wolf. Which was commonly worn by scouts of the tribe, these men usually belonged to warrior societies, spied on enemies, gave warning to the tribe if an enemy was close, and acted as decoys as the tribe made their escape from the approaching enemy. – Riel Benn

Wolf Voice by Riel Benn(award winning artist from the Birdtail Sioux First Nation,Southwestern Manitoba)

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Wolf feathers

Dream Catcher - Wolf Dreams Wolf Spirit Cast in Midnight Blue Shadows Your Wild Howl Echoes Across Mountains so Tall Reaching Stars and Moon Beams And Into My Dreams. Wolf Dreams Prose By Artist Carol Cavalaris ©.

This would be awesome to draw if I just did the headband in color and the rest in black and white

Blue Aztec Headdress - Blue Rooster Tail Feathers To The Runway by Laura Ferreira Anya Ayoung-Chee design for Trinidad Carnival