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This comic strip shows how unprepared many girls are for their maturation compared to boys. This relates to Brumberg's statements that girls are prepared for more of a "hygienic crisis rather than a maturational event (Brumberg

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That last one! XD

Sarah's Scribbles by Sarah Andersen for Aug 20, 2016

In all seriousness, if you ARE looking to bring home a pet, animal shelters are the first place you should look. There are lots of wonderful animals in need of homes! The bunny that inspired my bunny character was adopted from a shelter and he was.

Urrgghh!!!  Sarah's Scribbles Comic Strip, June 21, 2014 on

Sarah's Scribbles by Sarah Andersen for Jun 21, 2014


The internal monologue that goes on in my mind every time I want to eat junk food.

Meanwhile... fotos kijken met de kleinkinderen

Dear all young people who haven't figured your lives out yet: Sarah Andersen understands you perfectly.

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