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京都の花(とし夏菜さんの-先笄)-1 | 20140127-DSC07275-とし夏菜さんが先笄(さっこう)を結って挨拶… | Nobuhiro Suhara | Flickr

Love her beautiful golden obi, black kimono, and red hair decorations. I think that she will make a great geisha

Maiko in Japan - Minarai (left). The minarai period in a girl's training last for approximately a month before she becomes a maiko. To her right is her onee-san, her maiko "big sister".

Geisha-terms Glossary (still in progress) A - Atatori - An atatori is the heir to an okiya or ochaya. They are often biological daughters of the proprietresses (Geisha are allowed and even encouraged.

Hassaku 2016: geiko Sayaka of the Tsurui okiya in Gion Kobu

Hassaku geiko Sayaka of the Tsurui okiya in Gion Kobu ! Gion (祇園, ぎおん) is a district of Kyoto, Japan, originally developed in the Middle Ages, in front . There are five hanamachi in Kyoto):

放生会(祇園甲部・彰子さん、豆純さん) : 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog